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Do you dream of working on assignments where your skills and talents are appreciated? By specialising in IT and Engineering, Harvey
Nash is able to offer you superior matches between your talents and skills and the demands of client assignments.


Looking for a permanent position? Let us find one that ticks every box on your career wishlist. The result? A dream match for you and for your future employer.


You have your degree! You have motivation! And we have a team of professional matchmakers who want to help you power into your career! We find positions that respond to your strengths, your interests and your short- and long-term goals. We put you on your dream path to professional success.


Do you dream of making your IT hobby a profession? Would you like to take your Java skills to the next level? Or are you wondering how to programme in C#? Our Junior Classes offer you paid specialised training with experienced professionals. After a month of targeted, intensive training, you’re guaranteed work with one of our clients.

Would you like to keep dreaming? Or would you rather be doing?
Whether you’re a looking for a permanent position or a challenging freelance assignment, we look forward to turning your dream into reality.


We’ll save you time. You don’t need to search through the mire for those few positions that suit your skills and talents. Instead? We find them for you. And we make sure they challenge and satisfy you and your professional goals.

Unique opportunities

We have access to exclusive opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Why? A lot of our clients come directly to us because we find perfect matches.


We might not have the perfect job for you today. But our extensive networks in the IT and Engineering industries make it easy for us to keep our eyes and ears focused on finding future openings.

We work with the top employers

We are proud to work with the most prominent companies in IT. The trusting relationships allow us to give you access to first-class opportunities before they’re even listed.

Find out what’s on offer

You might not be interested in changing jobs today. But what about tomorrow? Send your CV to Harvey Nash and you’ll always know exactly what’s on offer.

Global recruiters

Harvey Nash believes in having the insight, understanding and knowledge that allows us to offer the local market exactly what it needs. At the same time, we have a global network at our fingertips. Perfect for encouraging innovation at every level of business.



We offer you positions and assignments that challenge you to reach greater heights. We want you to wake up happy and looking forward to going to work. It’s our idea of excellent service. We hope it’s what you dream of as a foundation for your future career.

Coaching and guidance

We have years of experience and insight in the IT and Engineering industries. We put it to good use by coaching, guiding and assisting you any time you have a question or want help pushing your career or talents a step further.

Innovative recruitment tools

We know your needs are unique. This is why we tailor our solutions to your exact situation. It ensures we offer you exactly what you’re looking for.


For more than 25 years, we have been proving our expertise in recruitment by creating perfect matches between our candidates, employers and assignments. We look forward to making the right match for you.

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